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  • Can you leave my Courier at my other address?
    Delivering the product at a location other than pre-registered address totally depends on the delivery partner and agent due to legal issues. They may charge you extra for delivering at other locations.
  • How to cancel an Order?
    An order can easily be cancelled before dispatch by visiting your Profile, then clicking on Orders. In the Orders section, you can view the Order Status and on the right-hand corner, you can see the Request Cancellation option. Click on Request Cancellation, choose your reason for cancellation and click Next. The Order will be cancelled and the details will be provided through email and SMS.
  • How to request a return for the Products?
    To request a return for the product go to your profile, click on Orders, Click on Status and then Click on Request Return. Click Next and choose your reason for returning the product. Before returning the product please go through our Return Policy.
  • Can I get the product before expected date?
    Yes, there is a possibility of getting the product delivered before the delivery date, depending on the delivery partner.
  • How to use discount coupons?
    Discount coupons can be used easily by entering the details of the coupon while checking out.
  • Can I change my delivery address after my order has been dispatched?
    Sarabherbs tries to accommodate you in every way possible but presently we are unable to change your delivery address after the product has been dipatched.
  • What if I receive expired products?
    In case you receive an expired product, Sarabherbs will get it replaced without any extra cost.
  • What if I receive damaged Products?
    In case you receive a damaged product you can request a replacement or return.
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